The TRUTH About Cholesterol

eggsThe popular misconception about saturated fats started in the year 1950 and confusion has been widespread about the ‘dangers’ of cholesterol ever since.

It all began when a research scientist by the name of Ancel Keys played the star character in creating this quandary. It seems that he needed a scientific ‘sounding’ explanation for how foods containing saturated fat caused disease.

So, he did what any overly-ambitious, trendsetter scientist would do;

He simply falsified and formulated his famous hypotheses that saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet causes heart disease. (!!)

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What’s the TRUTH?

He did this by throwing out any evidence that suggested otherwise. Few trailblazers in the medical industry dared to question him; and his unscientific ‘findings’ were heartily (no pun intended) endorsed by the American Heart Association and the U.S.D.A. (Utterly
Senseless Dietary Advice) and have been leading people astray for the past 64 years.

The most notable outcome regarding Ancel Keys’ flawed reports, are that his damaging misconceptions has helped the pharmaceutical industry to rake in millions of dollars. Unfortunately his account has also caused countless, unnecessary deaths and suffering by people just trying to get ‘healthy’.

“People, like sheep, tend to follow a leader –
occasionally in the right direction.” ~  Alexander Chase

Contrary to the ‘accepted’ view, which is absolutely not scientifically sound, saturated fats do NOT clog arteries or cause heart disease! In fact, the preferred food for the heart is saturated fat; and saturated fats lower a substance called Lp(a), which is a very accurate marker for proneness to heart disease.

Saturated fats play many important roles in the body chemistry. They strengthen the immune system and are involved in inter-cellular communication, which means they protect us against cancer. They help the receptors on our cell membranes work properly, including receptors for insulin, thereby protecting us against diabetes. The lungs cannot function without saturated fats, which is why children given butter and full-fat milk have much less asthma than children given reduced-fat milk and margarine. Saturated fats are also involved in kidney function and hormone production.

Saturated fats are required for the nervous system to function properly, and over half the fat in the brain is saturated fat. Saturated fats also help suppress inflammation. Finally, saturated animal fats carry the vital fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K2, which we need in large amounts to be truly healthy.

Human beings have been consuming saturated fats from animals products, milk products and the tropical oils for thousands of years;

it is the advent of modern processed vegetable oil that is associated with the epidemic of modern degenerative disease, not the consumption of saturated fats.

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Low Cholesterol Leads to an Early Death: Evidence From 101 Published Scientific Papers,
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Evans provides studies in chronological order proving that the lower your cholesterol, the earlier you die; that high levels of BOTH “good” and “bad” cholesterol help you to live longer! That high cholesterol does NOT cause cardiovascular disease; that low cholesterol leads to an early death and leads to an increased prevalence of many diseases, especially cancer.