The REAL Truth About RAW Milk

brown cow
Brown Swiss cows make the very best milk!

Raw milk is completely and totally safe, in fact it is far safer than pasteurized milk. Raw milk contains many bioactive components that get rid of bad bacteria. When bad bacteria such as E. coli are added to raw milk, the natural bioactive components in raw milk destroy the bad bacteria. Of course, this marvelous system for getting rid of pathogens can be overwhelmed if the cows are very unhealthy, basic sanitation measures are not followed and the milk gets dirty.

Basic sanitation measures include testing of the cows to make sure they are disease free; washing their teats with iodine solution before milking; using a clean milking machine; and storing the milk in a clean stainless steel bulk tank, clean glass bottles or clean hard plastic bottles at a cool temperature.

Most important, the cows should be on pasture eating fresh, green grass as much as possible, and in the winter, in a well-ventilated barn and fed mostly hay.

I do not recommend drinking any kind of milk, even raw milk, from cows kept in confinement, especially when the diet is based on grain and includes such additives as citrus peel cake and bakery waste. I also do not recommend pasteurizing your own milk if the milk is from confinement cows living in filthy environments and eating the wrong food; it is too risky.

I recommend using unhomoginized, low-temp pasteurized CREAM mixed with filtered if RAW milk is completely unavailable.

boy_milkHere are some fact about RAW milk and Pasteurized milk, the differences between the two, what to look for and what to avoid:

  1. The only RAW milk that is SAFE TO DRINK is from cows that live outside in the fresh air and sunshine and eat green grass while roaming the pastures.
  2. Milk from conventional dairies (grocery store milk) where the cows are injected with hormones and antibiotics, and are confined and left to stand in their own feces, should NEVER be consumed RAW; it simply isn’t safe to drink.
  3. Pasteurized milk causes more illness than RAW milk.
  4. RAW Milk contains a substance that aids in digesting lactose; people who are lactose intolerant can usually drink RAW milk without any issues.
  5. RAW milk has been used in clinics to cure disease.
  6. RAW milk creates resistance to disease.
  7. RAW milk protects against allergies and asthma.
  8. RAW milk improves mood and behavior.
  9. Pasteurized milk contains dead bacteria, dead enzymes, pus, and damaged fats; these substances cause pasteurized milk to be a serious allergen.
  10. [IF] I did not have access to RAW milk; I would AVOID PASTEURIZED MILK entirely.
Contains an enzyme called LACTOPEROXIDASE, which kills bad bacteria in the milk. This enzyme is killed during pasteurization.
Contains an enzyme called LACTO-FERRIN, which prevents anemia. This enzyme is killed during pasteurization.
Contains special substances that strengthen, heal and soothe the digestive tract. These substances are damaged during pasteurization and the results are severely irritating to the digestive tract.
Contains beneficial bacteria called LACTO-BACILLI which help us digest our food very efficiently. All beneficial bacteria is killed during pasteurization.
Contains WHITE BLOOD CELLS and many other IMPORTANT COMPOUNDS that are found in healthy blood; for this reason raw milk supports and strengthens the immune system. These compounds are killed during KILLED during pasteurization.
Contains many IMPORTANT FATS which provide critical vitamins and supports overall health in many ways. These healthy fats are seriously damaged during pasteurization and homogenization.


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