17 reasons why PLANTAINS help you stay healthy; and maintain your youth.

plantainPlantains look like large green bananas; but they are actually vegetables and you need to cook them before eating. Always buy and use them when they are green.

  1. Indians (from India) have dubbed plantains “nature’s secret of perpetual youth”! That’s a good enough reason for me to eat them!
  2. Plantains contain natural mood enhancers and therefore should be an essential food for anyone suffering from depression or S.A.D.
  3. Plantains are excellent at promoting digestion, and they contain natural prebiotics (Prebiotics FEED your guts beneficial bacteria and microbes); and that should make you feel pretty happy too!
  4. Plantains will help your body retain more calcium, phosphorous and nitrogen; which will help rejuvenate your healthy tissues.
  5. The sugar in plantains can easily be metabolized and digested by your body either very young or very old.
  6. Plantains contain high levels of vitamin A, potassium, calcium, iron and fiber.
  7. Plantains will do wonders at keeping you regular and will relieve you from constipation.
  8. A well-acclaimed diuretic, plantain is found to be extremely effective against kidney and bladder problems. Plantain tea is known to soothe the bladder and is recommended for water retention.
  9. As a styptic, plantain can be either chomped or grounded into a paste to stop bleeding.
  10. Known to have an extremely soothing effect, plantain tea can be consumed to soothe mucous membranes and ulcers. It is also effective against heavy menstrual cycles.
  11. Plantain is also used as a vulnerary to treat cuts and wounds; it can be easily crushed and applied to cuts and wounds for quick relief. Also, since plantain has a high epidermal growth, it can be used to fix damaged tissues.
  12. Plantain is touted as a wonderful blood cleanser. Plantain is also an excellent cure for treating bug bites, eczema and other skin irritations. It also helps to reduce the pain of poison ivy.
  13. Plantain is extremely good for skin. Plantain juice can be effectively used to treat sunburn, ulcers, scalds and burns.
  14. Plantains are very effective for treating liver sluggishness and inflammation of the digestive tract too.
  15. Plantain is known to soothe cough reflex and is used to treat asthma, lung infections, and hay fever and any other respiratory disorder that involves mucous congestion. It is known to provide relief from hoarseness and bronchial infections too. It is also used for respiratory problems that involve mucous congestion.
  16. Plantain tea is known to be excellent cure for gastritis, diarrhea, dysentery, irritable bowel syndrome and other intestinal problems.
  17. Plantain is also good for the eyes and is known to sooth eye irritation.

Are those enough reasons for you to add this delicious combination of energy, tissue-building elements, minerals and protein rich, natural food to your diet?

~Chef Lynda