French Crepes Hands-On Workshop – April 24th, 2014

Springtime in Paris



Think of crepes as paper-thin pancakes. Honestly? They’re as easy to make as any Saturday morning flapjacks!

Come and learn the technique from Chef Lynda on April 24th from 7-9 PM.

A gluten-free, Paleo crepe will also be taught at this workshop in addition to traditional French wheat flour crepes. Filling-wise, anything goes for the filling, sweet or savory, but a springtime filling of smoked salmon and asparagus is especially delicious.

Ages 18+

Register at the Senior Center, Swim Center, or City Hall. Or FAX your payment information and the registration Form to 240-314-8659. The activity number is #46794. You can download a registration form from the link below.

Registration Form:

Class #46794     Thursday, 4/24/2014     7-9PM    

Course Fee:  $29 (or $25 for Rockville Residents) payable to the City of Rockville.

Notice:   There is a $20 supply fee is payable the night of the workshop.