The FRENCH Would Be Mortified!!!

French_crepesLast night’s French Crepe-fest was very captivating! Why is it that cooking seems to bring out the competitiveness in so many? Is it the creativity or the learning-curve at which people become competent?

It was delightfully fun as silky batter was being poured into rotating ‘hot’ pans over flames (that sometimes didn’t cooperate as expected) and the perfume of browned butter and vanilla wafted through the entire building, causing hungry people [trying to exercise in the gym] to become distracted by the aroma of cooking crepes. Stacks of ‘artisan’ crepes appeared as proficiency grew with each effort.

And then the tasting began……smooth cream slid across your tongue bringing a bright kiss of fresh herbs and lemon,  smoky salmon and the crisp crunch of spinach and tender asparagus exploded and delighted taste-buds.  But wait? Does one crepe taste better than the other? People began to notice that the grain-free PALEO crepe had more of a distinct sweetness and a melting tender mouth feel than the traditional French crepe that half the class made! Can we say this out loud? Won’t we get into trouble? Is messing with TRADITION even permitted? Such wickedness!!!!

Well…the votes were audible and undeniable and class participants went home clutching their recipes and proudly carrying plates full of their creations to show their families.

Note: If I owned a market that stocks green plantains in the area; I would probably double up on next week’s order!

Cheers! Chef Lynda Moulton



Happy cooking COMPETENT CREPE MAKERS of Rockville!!!

~Chef Lynda

2 thoughts on “The FRENCH Would Be Mortified!!!

  1. Chef Lynda – Your class was just delightful! And thank you for exposing me to the Paleo Crepe! It was an unexpected twist and one that I’m very much interested in. Reading about your mission and your passion on this site is fantastic as it is aligned with the path I’m traveling down now. See you in the next class~

    1. I can’t wait Jeannine!

      Bring your rolling pin; we’re going to have a serious upper body workout!

      Teaching people with YOUR enthusiasm is what delights me!

      Je vous souhaite très bonne crêpe dans votre cuisine à domicile. Cuisiner pour votre santé!!!

      ~Chef Lynda

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