Chef Lynda Moulton

“The best medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it”
~ Hippocrates

Are you aware that certain foods like refined sugar, modern grains, pasteurized dairy, GMO foods and vegetable oils (soy, corn & canola) are having a negative impact on your overall well-being without your even realizing the serious health consequences?

Conventional nutritional advice has led our country, and now the world, into record-setting epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and other modern diseases. The totally upside-down USDA food pyramid is a nutritional mistake!

I am a culinary instructor, a classically trained chef with a professional culinary degree from L’ Academie de Cuisine, a certified nutritionist, and a *Weston A. Price chapter leader

I would be delighted to share with you my passion for real food (food in its  natural state, exactly as God made it, that has not been processed, refined or altered in any way), I love to talk with people about real food. I believe that my gift is impassioned teaching; I am driven to coach and train, I love to motivate others and inspire people to get into the kitchen and take back their health by preparing delicious, nutrient-dense, properly prepared food.

Weight loss, relief from acid reflux, digestive and bowel issues, reversal of eczema and other skin rashes, relief from depression and anxiety are just a few of the surprising and unexpected health transformations that occur simply by eating real food.

Long before culinary school I became passionately interested in a field of study that is best called ‘Nutritional Therapy’.  I strongly believe that what we eat (and DON’T eat) can heal ALL of our human ailments. It is a science based, holistic approach to nutrition rooted in the conviction that food is a form of medicine that can heal, protect, nurture and support exceptional human health.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that mental illness, specifically depression is one of the most mentioned disorders in today’s news media. Considering that many/most of our teenagers and young adults have never eaten single ingredient food [that has been prepared from wholesome, clean ingredients] and instead have subsisted entirely on processed, packaged and fast food [that is loaded with chemicals and toxic ingredients] AND that so-called ‘food’ has been heated or ‘cooked’ in a microwave, for their entire lives; the health concerns, [specifically mental health]
are NO SURPRISE at all!

“ALL diseases begin in the gut.”
-Hippocrates, 460-370 B.C.

The more I learn about the gut, the more I realize it’s connected to every area of the body… and just about every disease out there. It is said the gut is the “Mother” of the body because of how it feeds everything from our brain to our skin, in the same way a mother feeds her child.

The gut is called ‘the 2nd brain’ because of how similar they are. Did you know that 95% of the body’s serotonin is created and housed in the gut; and NOT in the brain?

The gut is also the “1st line of defense” because 80% of the body’s immune cells are in the gut. The gut plays a huge role in your weight and how well your metabolism is burning or storing fat. In many cases, changes in healthy gut bacteria are found to increase appetite and the rate at which we store calories as fat. The overlooked gut is extremely important; and we need to feed it like we mean it!

You AREN’T just what you eat (as you’ve been told)!
Seriously; it’s what you are able to digest, assimilate, utilize and eliminate

…and THAT takes healthy gut bacteria!

Today anti-microbial soaps and hand sanitizer are routine. Our food and our soil is sanitized, pasteurized & sterilized. This obsession with ‘germs’ has led to equally sterilized bodies; this is NOT a good thing!!

Our entire digestive tracts are supposed to be brimming with life and the rich diversity of beneficial microbes; not sterilized!! Today we are only beginning to understand the negatives of our modern war on bacteria. It is past the time to rethink this war; we need to act NOW!

We all need to re-learn and appreciate the values that “unclean” bacteria plays in our lives and plan to incorporate properly fermented foods and beverages onto our tables, and into our mouths and guts.

When one prepares and cooks their own food it changes the way people think about food; and we regain some control over our lives. It changes people’s tastes, it changes their habits and their cravings. It will change their intestinal and mental health, not to mention their overall well-being and immune system. It will change the emotional relationship one has with food, and with their own body.

If taught with competence, it will change the way people eat for the rest of their lives; prolonging true health and helping them avoid the diseases of aging that we have all witnessed with our parents and grandparents!

Chef Lynda Moulton in the Kitchen

I teach the why and the how of cooking and combining real single ingredient foods; I teach techniques with hands on participation. Once someone attends one of my classes, my goal is that they walk away confident, eager to get into the kitchen and apply what they have learned. I’ve been told that my culinary classes are dynamic and crazy-fun, and packed with useful information.

I have paid my dues in culinary school and working in local restaurants and catering companies. It breaks my heart to prepare standard American diet (S.A.D.) food that I know is not improving the consumer’s health. My true calling and passion is teaching real food and instructing others to do what I have worked so hard to understand.

I teach beginners, those who are new to cooking real food, as well as experienced cooks who know their way around the kitchen. My intention is for everyone to learn something new, and for aspiring Paleo chefs to be extremely happy that they attended my cutting-edge classes.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
~ Hippocrates

~ Chef Lynda Moulton



*Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Doctor Weston A. Price. Rather than hypothesizing conceptually about human nutrition, Dr. Weston A. Price and his wife traveled throughout the world during the 1930’s in search of  isolated, primitive people to investigate, study and learn about their diets and their health. What he observed was nothing less than astonishing; numerous isolated clans of people were thriving at the peak of absolute, optimal health. The groups did not suffer ANY of the modern diseases that people in the cities had during the exact same time period. Only when these primitive people adopted a ‘modern’ diet of sugar, refined grains, man-made fats and commercially processed foods [while abandoning their traditional diets] did they become sick, miserable and develop diseases. Don’t you want to know what these primitive groups were eating to maintain perfect health?

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The fine print:
Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (USDuh) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. I am also not a medical professional; I am a cook.  I do not have marketing connections to any of the brands, topics or products that I may mention in my blog. 

~ Chef Lynda